Whether you are making an engineering revision, testing prototypes, or just need help fixing a part that needs     to be reworked, we will be there to service your laser welding needs on a time schedule that best suits you.

  • Low "heat affected zone" (HAZ) ** Excellent weld quality with a fine grain structure ** Minimal to "undetectable"     weld sink

  • Minimal to "no" heat input ** No distortion like most TIG welding ** No discoloration of the weld or surrounding     base material

  • Minimal laser weld metal deposited resulting in minimal machining to restore the part back to its original     condition

  • Hard and tough weld metal due to the fine grain structure created from the extremely rapid solidification of the     laser weld

  • Extreme precise control of the weld location within a few thousands of an inch away from areas that are not to     be disturbed

  • Engraving can be filled without difficulty for changes to logos etc. Polished and textured surfaces can also be     laser welded

  • In-house finish machining and polishing services available with highly competent and skilled professionals

  • Extremely accurate laser welding for all tool steels, stainless steel alloys, dissimilar metals, beryllium copper,     copper alloys, aluminum, titanium alloys, precious metals, and powdered metals

  • Laser weld or fusion welding CNC production assembly for components ** Precision 4-Axis CNC laser welding     with advanced laser technology

        We can micro laser weld all types of tool steel to help get your tooling and components back to their original     condition improving the quality of your parts and increasing your profitability.

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